This 'Black Mirror' parody could totally be Season 5

By Mashable
2018.03.02. 19:07

It's fairly normal in 2018 to make a bleak Black Mirror joke every 30 minutes or so. Netflix's upcoming The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale released a silly spoof just in time for its weekend release, and it turns people into vacuums.

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In the clip, premiering exclusively on Mashable, a couple opens up their brand new eyeSWEEP, which looks like any manner of Black Mirror device that affixes to the temple and then fucks your consciousness up real good.

They then find themselves in what looks like Mirror's idea of cyberspace. It turns out they've both drowned and their minds live on in the eyeSWEEP, San Junipero style. In reality, they've become Roomba-esque vacuums which won't stop kissing on an office floor. Read more...More about Entertainment, Television, Netflix, Comedy, and Parody...

Mashable - This 'Black Mirror' parody could totally be Season 5
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